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Sunday 24 September 2023 at 1030 - Derek Cansfield Memorial Rally Beamish Museum
Static Displays - Contact: rally 
When: Sunday 24 September 2023 from 1030 until 1600
Tyneside Branch Season Ticket MUST BE DISPLAYED to gain entry.

Usual arrangements for additional passengers after driver and one free passenger.

Dogs allowed on short leads, NO Gazebo's or Tents etc. as per Beamish Wishes.

NOTE:If you bring a different vehicle to that specified on your pass
you will be charged an entrance fee by Beamish Museum staff.

Anyone going to Beamish Rally without a NECPWA Tyneside Season Ticket will have to pay the Beamish Museum Admission charge at a special concession rate.

This is paid to Beamish staff at the rally entrance gate and also applies to Club Members who forget/fail to display their season ticket and those who have a yearly membership at the museum.

Friends of Beamish Members and Beamish Unlimited Pass holders still require a NECPWA Season Ticket to take their car onto the rally field as these tickets do not cover the Classic Car Display.

Arrive 10.00am & before 11.30am. Pay at the rally entrance gate if more than driver and passenger aboard.

Modern substitutes (post 2000) to main public car park only.

If you want to park with friends or in a group, then please arrive together!!

Gates close at 11.30 a.m. prompt and remain locked until 4.00 p.m. and are controlled by Beamish Staff on Health and Safety grounds.
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